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Angelic Frequency Healing 

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Angelic Frequency Healing of Caeayaron is the most powerful energy healing available to mankind.

How Does A Session Work?

The format of a healing session is simple. For starters, no touching is required. You will be asked to remove shoes and find a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down.  Once all preparations are made and you are comfortable the session will begin.

How Long Is A Session?

Please allow 45 minutes for a session.

What Will I Experience?

Some people fall asleep, while others feel tingling or body temperature changes. Some have experienced the feeling of a weight being lifted. And some don't feel much at all. It's best to come into a session with no expectations. Every session powerful high frequency magnetic flows are brought for the client. How those flows are experienced will always be unique to the individual.


Can I book a session (distant healing) for another person? Do I need permission of that person?

You can book a session for another person and you don’t need his/her permission. If your desire to help someone to heal comes for your heart, then arranging a session would be an act of love. Both you and the person receiving the healing will be greatly blessed with powerful love and healing flows. It’s important to understand that if the person doesn’t want to heal at the moment, he/she won’t accept the healing energy. However the healing energy will be stored in his/her energy field until the person is ready to accept it. So the healing process might take longer.

For booking and scheduling please contact me via booking form or directly via email or Facebook